Information updated on 21 January at 14.40

We apologise for the delay in starting the new online system. As it has only just gone live there may be the occasional glitch but we hope that it will work for you. Please bear with us while we try and sort any problems that may occur. If you are not able to book online no-one else will be able to either, so you will not miss out on your tickets! We hold some seats for sale for paper and telephone orders, as we use the system for the whole Festival. We will release tickets to be sold online when we can.

If you do have a problem using the website please contact us on either by phone on 01460 54660 / 53500 or or - Once telephone booking starts on 27 January it will get very busy and we only have one line so email is probably the best way to contact us.

This year there are two concerts that need to be booked elsewhere - Handel Semele (10 March) needs to be booked via the Southbank Box Office (booking now open) and the Wigmore concert on 14 April should be booked via from 3 February.


Create an account by registering:

Click on REGISTER in the top panel on this page. You will need to provide an email address and password (please make note of this somewhere). You will be taken through the process. If you already have an account please ask for a new password.

Once you have registered you will need to go to back to the HOME page and LOGIN using your new details. You can also LOGIN before you go to PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Choosing the event and tickets:
On this HOME page you will see a list of events in date order to the right of this information. Click on the relevant date (text) and the system will take you to that page. Scroll down and you will find a plan for reserved seating (if applicable). When you click on a seat a little person will appear in that seat. It is now reserved for you for 1/2 hour while you complete your booking. Click on PLACE ORDER and this will take you to the next stage. If you would like to book another event go back to the HOME page and choose the next event. You can pay for all the events you want to come to with one card payment.

Giove in Argo - you will notice that there are a few House seats.  These are not for sale.

Subscription discounts:
If you would like to book 3 or more EVENTS/CONCERTS (not tickets) you can have a subscription discount, if you book before 10 March and in one go. You will find a choice of Standard or Subcription discount when you choose your seats. Please check before confirming your booking. If you book discounted tickets by mistake we will give you a call or email, as the Festival can't afford to give discounted tickets on single event sales. Please let us know if you have booked for Semele, including your seat numbers, and we will give you a Subscription discount on this concert, provided you book for two more concerts/events during the Festival. If you plan to book for Wigmore (14 April) please let us know.

Confirming your tickets: Once you have chosen all the events you wish to book for you will be asked to CONFIRM your details and what you have ordered. You will be shown the following BILLING DETAILS, DELIVERY DETAILS and ORDER SUMMARY. You will then be asked to PROCEED TO PAYMENT if all is correct.

In the next stage you will then be taken to the SAGEPAY website where you will proceed through the payment process. When your order is complete and payment gone through you will received a confirmation email.

If you have a problem please get in touch with us on 01460 53500/54660 and we will do what we can to help.

Latasha Lamb, Susan Palmer, Catherine Hodgson